23 February 2010

today i am thankful for . . .

snow! in central texas! during the daytime!
our wonderful pediatrician
asthma meds

19 February 2010

Links for Lent (a little late)

What? Me? Behind?
Well, anyway...

lots of links, indexed, and organized by category

hat tip to Amy
This is(was) supposed to be prayed on Ash Wednesday, but I would like to use it throughout Lent.

Here is another:

This one is based on the Ten Commandments.

I especially like the idea she links to here.
another hat tip to Amy

I read this as a young teen, and I remember it having a profound effect.  I thought it would be a good meditation for this season. 
While searching for it on the web I found this:

As I have not read these posts yet I am not recommending it, merely making a note of it.

06 February 2010

today i am thankful for

  • toys on clearance at the grocery store when 7yod has a birthday party to attend
  • a deposit refund that covered the garbage bill for this month & half of next month
  • gas price that dropped $.04 while i was in the store
  • friends to have us over for dinner
  • a friend to give daughter a ride home & save me the gas
  • a God who cares & provides our daily bread

03 February 2010

today i am thankful for

the promise we have of life eternal with our Saviour and Heavenly Father