31 August 2012

Autumn Supper Ideas

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am so very ready for fall.  It has been quite a hectic summer, and I have been feeling overwhelmed.  But thoughts of autumn always energize me, and I am hoping to harness that energy and get my house and my life into a pleasant rhythm in the coming weeks. 

Today the kids helped me brainstorm a list of supper ideas:
  1. chicken & rice I make several variations of this
  2. baked spaghetti or other pasta
  3. stroganoff
  4. chili & cornbread
  5. sloppy joes
  6. fish & chips
  7. frito pie
  8. shepherd's pie
  9. roasted sausage, potatoes & peppers
  10. soup & sandwiches another idea with different options
  11. meatloaf
  12. homemade pizza
  13. stir-fry
  14. grill out if we get rain, and the burn ban is lifted!

30 August 2012

Toward Autumn

My favourite time of year is almost upon us!

I look forward to cooler evenings, sweaters, boots, baking, Longhorn football, Thanksgiving, Advent...

Living it Central Texas, we don't have many crisp days or much autumn colour, but at least the triple digit temperatures should eventually come to an end!  I am creating a bucket list of things to do, make, read, and so forth for September, October, and November.

I even have a special devotional book Abundance From God's Heart in Autumn.  I do not remember where or when I got this book, but I love it.  It has thirteen weeks of readings, and I plan to begin on Sunday (even though it will not officially be Autumn for another three weeks) so that I will finish right before Advent.  I am also going to be praying through the Psalms during this time following this plan.

Is anyone else an autumn~lover?

28 August 2012

Tasha Tudor Day

To read more about Tasha Tudor Day 

Here is how we celebrated Tasha Tudor's 97th birthday:
  • apple turnovers for breakfast
  • teatime
  • choosing a new knitting project
  • breaking out the first Christmas book and my only Tasha Tudor book Forever Christmas to begin planning for Advent and Christmas
I would like to have done more, but it was a very busy day amidst a very busy week at the end of a very busy summer.

“There is no peace that cannot be found in the present moment.”
 ~Tasha Tudor