30 September 2009

What my daughter did on her summer vacation!

While Frap was in Colorado she went four-wheeling with her Gramps who has built his own four-wheeler.

This video is him.  She was not in the car, just watching from the sidelines:

He was fine, by the way.

Wednesday Word Art: Autumn

I had fun making this!

Wordle: Autumn
click the image to see it larger and visit the site where I made it

28 September 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

28 September, 2009...

Outside my window...
a bright, sunny start to another hot day

I am thinking...
how much I enjoyed the cool days last week and how I look forward to the lower temperatures returning and how I am hoping for a nice cool fall after a long, extremely hot Texas summer

I am thankful...
that Frap is coming home tonight ~ she has been in Colorado for two weeks and I miss her

From the learning rooms...
a light load this week as we are winding down our year ~ Morning Time, some spelling, and a few silent readings

From the kitchen...
the smell cinnamon toast

I am wearing...
denim shorts and a navy blue tee

I am creating...
lists and plans for Autumn, Advent, and Christmas

I am going...
nowhere until I leave for the airport tonight

I am reading...
Hind's Feet on High Places
The Magician's Nephew
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I am hoping...
to smile and hug more than I grumble and yell

I am hearing...
Lulapalooza and Toodles singing made-up nonsense songs

Around the house...
we are having a lazy morning, but all but O Special One are up and at 'em now ~ the main part of the house is fairly tidy (for us) ~ the younger ones are finishing up their morning things, and then we will gather for our Morning Time readings

One of my favorite things...
days at home

A few plans for the rest of the week:
a 50c. movie for dad and kids at the discount theatre tonight
coffee with a friend on Tuesday
go with O Special One to check out a riding stable for jumping lessons Tuesday evening
introduce Eugene Field & Grandma Moses
finish decluttering & organizing the downstairs kitchen~living spaces
a special autumn craft and treat on Friday
a special TeaTime with Frap

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I found this photo at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
we do not get much autumn colour around here

27 September 2009

Project Christmas: Week 3

Continued from last week:

  • Make list of activities & enter those that are date-specific on calendar.  DONE!

  • Decide on Advent devotional focus and calendar design

~ almost done

  • Make card list 

  • Choose ornament design 

New for this week:

  • Make gift list

  • Get Advent Candles

~ I tend to wait too late to do this and have a difficult time finding  any
Ongoing:  A major fall cleaning/decluttering!

24 September 2009

Project Christmas ~ Update

Weeks One & Two:

  • Make calendar template (this week through Epiphany week)


  • Make list of activities & enter those that are date-specific on calendar

~ still working on this one

  • Decide on Advent devotional focus and calendar design

~ still working on this one

  • Make card list 

~ haven't started this yet

  • Choose ornament design 

~ haven't started this yet

  • Sort through last year’s Advent & Christmas things 


14 September 2009

Project Christmas


  • Make calendar template (this week through Epiphany week)

  • Make list of activities ~ enter those that are date-specific on calendar

  • Decide on Advent devotional focus and calendar design

  • Make card list

  • Choose ornament design

  • Sort through last year’s Advent & Christmas things

I'm here!

I don't think that anybody actually reads my blog, but just in case...

My summer of nannying has come to an end.  I will miss taking care of L. and visiting with K., but I am so glad to be a (mostly) stay-at-home-mama again!

We have another nine or ten weeks of studies left, and then we are finished with this year's school!

Belinda is looking toward Christmas, and so am I.  I am hoping to post my own project list later today or tomorrow.

I am also doing a major de-clutter at home.

We have had grey skies and even some rain here, so it is finally beginning to look like fall; although, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s it still doesn't quite feel like it to me.  The 100+degree days seem to have come to an end, and for that I am grateful.  Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and I am feeling energized.

And, on that note, my three younger children are finishing their morning things, so I had better go and get myself ready for our morning time readings.