30 November 2010

Advent began on Sunday.  I did manage to get the candles and "wreath-like-arrangement" set up, and we lit the first one and read Isaiah 11:1-10 and sang the first verse of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."  I updated my Advent Playlist and got it posted here, and it is inspiring me, but...

Monday we had a full day at History Quest, including a play, "Columbus's Mistake," put on by the elementary and middle school groups.

Today was my older son's 13th birthday.

So, our Advent Keeping really begins tomorrow.  Have I decided just exactly how we will be doing that?  No.  I have several internet windows open on my computer as well as a few pdf files, and there are a number of books stacked on my desk.  I will have it figured out by the time my children get up tomorrow morning!

12 November 2010

15 Authors I Love (+1)

What a fun idea from Sarah, which I found by way of Brenda.  Thank you ladies.
Of course, I cheated and listed 16!
  1. C. S. Lewis
  2. Charlotte Bronte
  3. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  4. Rosamunde Pilcher
  5. L. M. Montgomery
  6. A. A. Milne
  7. Ellis Peters
  8. Elisabeth Elliot
  9. Madeleine L'Engle
  10. William Shakespeare
  11. Edward Rutherfurd
  12. Ernest Hemingway
  13. Oscar Wilde
  14. Hans Christian Andersen
  15. G. K. Chesterton
  16. Edith Nesbit

    11 November 2010

    09 November 2010

    Our Thankfulness Tree

    ...in progress.
    (please ignore the messy refrigerator in the background!)

    07 November 2010