20 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

counting my blessings
56 - 60

  • free books on my Nook
  • an enjoyable coffee, walk, and talk with my 15yo daughter
  • a walk around the lake with three of my children on Tuesday
  • a new water heater and a dear, dear friend who put it in for us
  • Fridays off

06 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

counting my blessings
46 - 55

  • rain in the forecast ~ only a 10% chance tomorrow, but 40% on Saturday up to 60% by Sunday ~ only 11.20″ of rain has fallen in the last 12 months, more than 23 inches below average, making this the driest year in Austin since records began in 1856
  • morning walks
  • the safe arrival home of my daughter and son-in-law two weeks ago
  • a good day last week with my sometimes elusive 17yo daughter
  • a healthy baby boy #3 for a dear friend on Monday
  • one-on-one time with each of my two terrific sons this week
  • an hour-and-a-half spent alone in a very cool library; it has a coffee shop, live music ~ tonight it was classical guitar ~ and a used book store, which had children's books on sale: buy 1, get two free, so...
  • three hardbacks for $1
  • a four day weekend beginning with...
  • a spa day tomorrow with my daughter and her mother-in-love ~ I have never been to a spa ~ and the price? FREE!