18 January 2008

2008 ~ week 2

We are easing into our formal studies.  These last two weeks we have done:

  • Bible

  • Read Alouds

  • Phonics for Toodles

  • Spelling for the boys

  • Grammar for Sgt. Elf

  • Latin for the girls (except Toodles)

  • Algebra for O Special One

  • Geometry for Frap

Next week we will add math for the youngers and history, then literature and nature/science the following week.  Copywork will come if I ever when I finally get it organized as well as workbooks for handwriting and Greek when I can afford them.

The house ~sigh~ is. a. wreck.  But the year is young, and that is another post anyway.

05 January 2008

Twelfth Night

We celebrated tonight with some dear friends that we haven't spent time with in quite a while.  We feasted on roast chicken, mashed potatoes, vegan mac and "cheese", steamed veggies, and delicious homemade Cuban bread.  Then we cheared the burning of the Christmas tree.  It was so good to be with them again.  Back at home we read a children's version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night; we were going to watch a dvd of it, but it got too late.  Tomorrow after church we will read the story of the magi; i will give the children their gifts; we will have cake and put away the Christmas decorations. (Maybe we'll watch that dvd, too.)  I hope to be able to spend some alone time Sunday evening getting things ~ and, more importantly, myself ~ ready to begin our new school year on Monday.

It has been a terrific holiday season.  Of course, many of the things that were on my wish list to do went undone, but I am learning to let that go, realizing that it will probably always be that way, and trying to enjoy the here-and-now more.  I did have a lot of time for peaceful reflection to just "think about Jesus" which I kept telling my family was all I really wanted.

I have several partial posts drafted that I hope to finish soon ~ thoughts on goals and schedules and de-cluttering and book lists ~ something about starting a fresh, new year always seems to put me in this mindset.