31 December 2005

Next Year's Plans

Proposed Daily Schedule:

6:30-9:30    Mama: personal time
prayer, breakfast, walk, chores
Children: sleep,
get up and start Morning Things by 8:45 ~ done by 9:30

9:30-12:30   All: Morning prayers & lessons
Teens: independent study after morning prayers
Middles & Littles: Bible & recitations w/Mama; copywork
Middles: Greek, math & Latin 
Littles: phonics & math w/Mama, then play

12:30-1:15  Lunch, clean-up, play

1:15-2:00    Read alouds:
poetry, history, literature

2:00-3:30    Quiet time
Littles: naps
Mama, Middles & Teens: independent study

3:30-4:15    Teatime & tutoring

4:15-5:00    Afternoon lessons
Week 1: art studies
Week 2: geography studies
Week 3:
music studies
Week 4: science studies

5:00-6:30     Housekeeping
6:30-9:30     Supper & family time

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belindaletchford said...

I have seen the benefits of working in big blocks of time like you have set out for yourselves. It gives room for something to grip the kids and you may need to spend more time or they may be stumped and you need to spend more time or they may be bored and you need to spend less time! I find working in blocks of time is a lot more fluid than in smaller time segment. I hope it works for you. I am in the process or working through how we are going to attack our days and goals for this year too. I find this time of year very inspiring as I start to think and assess and set new goals / direction. Reading where others are at in this process is also encouraging. Thanks for posting. All the best as you start your year.