09 January 2006

All in All, A Fairly Productive Day

   Frap had
an 8 a.m. doctor appointment.  Now that we finally have insurance,
I am going to make sure that we get our money's worth by getting my two
asthmatics on a preventative medication schedule.  Lulapalooza went in last Wednesday, and today was Frap's turn. 
She had babysitting money, so she took me out for breakfast tacos
afterward.  We made it home just in time to gather the rest into
the family room for prayers and our morning meeting. 
    We are easing our way back into our academic
studies. We are only doing our morning lessons and independent readings
this week, and not even all of those.   I just ordered our Latina Christiana materials,
so we will probably not begin that until February.  DH has not
hooked up my printer yet, so copywork will happen next week.  The
older girls are awaiting geometry (on order) and algebra (need to get
back from a friend) texts.  Tibby and I need to settle on her science studies for this year, and I need to decide how to implement more formal writing

    So. . . here is what we did accomplish today:

  • Henle Latin
  • Greek
  • Traditional Logic II
  • Roots of American Order
  • Henle Latin
  • Greek
  • Traditional Logic I
  • Story of the Renaissance and Reformation
  • Biology
O Special One had housekeeping today, so no academic requirements.

Sergeant Elf:
  • Greek
  • Arithmetic
  • Nature Reading
  • History Reading
  • Literature Reading
J~man (w/Mama):
  • Phonics drill
  • Bible Reading
  • Literature Reading
  • Poetry Reading
Lulapalooza and Toodles  (w/Mama):
  • Scripture Memory
  • Bible Story

    I still need to be better organized and more
disciplined with my time, but all in all, it was a fairly productive

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