28 December 2007

Christmas Week in the Olive Grove

Happy 4th day of Christmas! 

I just love keeping Christmas as a season rather than a single day.  The local radio station may have stopped playing Christmas music, but all of my favourite cd's are getting a good work-out.  There may be no more "holiday specials" on television, but there are still quite a few in my Netflix queue.  There are more special books to read in the basket in the family room; the halls are decked with red and green and angels and gingerbread houses and folk, and the Magi are journeying toward the Creche.  Formal academic studies remain on hold while we relax, rejoice, and reflect.

Some highlights of this past week ~

  • reading through my signed copy of Susan Branch's Christmas Joy which arrived on Saturday

  • celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary on Sunday

  • baking oatmeal/cranberry cookies and pumpkin/spice cake (both vegan and whole-grain)

  • hanging lights and garland

  • putting out all of the angels and the nativity scene

  • reading the Christmas story from the Bible

  • making our traditional breakfast casseroles (and eating them)

  • seeing the gifts that the kids chose for each other and UncleB and their daddy and me ~ I am really proud of the amount of thought that they each put into it this year ~ they really considered the recipient and the results were delightful

  • taking the kids to the toy store and the book store to use their gift cards

  • watching Holiday Inn and White Christmas

  • listening to Christmas in the Northwest (even if it does make us homesick)

  • talking about the (possibly) hidden meanings behind the true love gifts in the Twelve Days of Christmas

  • sleeping in

  • spending time with daddy and UncleB when they both had some time off from work

  • special Christmas devotional readings

  • no snow here in central Texas, but overnight temperatures have dipped below freezing several times this week

By the way, nobody that we invited was able to make it to our open house on Christmas Day, but we had a wonderful time anyway ~ just the 10 of us!

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