18 January 2008

2008 ~ week 2

We are easing into our formal studies.  These last two weeks we have done:

  • Bible

  • Read Alouds

  • Phonics for Toodles

  • Spelling for the boys

  • Grammar for Sgt. Elf

  • Latin for the girls (except Toodles)

  • Algebra for O Special One

  • Geometry for Frap

Next week we will add math for the youngers and history, then literature and nature/science the following week.  Copywork will come if I ever when I finally get it organized as well as workbooks for handwriting and Greek when I can afford them.

The house ~sigh~ is. a. wreck.  But the year is young, and that is another post anyway.

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huchingsonhomeschool said...

I too like to ease into the school work. And yes, the year is young for housecleaning!!