23 November 2008

Not creative enough to come up with a title

    Well, I am still here, even though it has been  7+ weeks since my last blog post.   

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things we have done over the past two months: 

  • attended a wedding

  • attended a funeral

  • voted

  • made autumn fairies

  • learned to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the recorder

  • went camping

  • went ice skating

  • began rehearsals for our children’s Christmas program at church

  • finished off our formal academic studies

  • got Advent candles before all of the stores were completely out of purple

Now, we get really busy, during this last week of November:

  • Tomorrow is Lulapalooza’s 9th birthday

  • Thursday, of course, is Thanksgiving

  • J~Man celebrates his 11th birthday the following Sunday, which is also the first Sunday of Advent. 


  • 6 Saint Nicholas Day ~ a very big day in our house

  • 14 The children’s Christmas program at our church

  • 23 Our 20th wedding anniversary

  • 24 Christmas Eve

  • 25 Christmas Day

  • 31 New Year’s Eve


  • 1 New Year’s Day

  • 6 Epiphany

  • The beginning of a new academic year

  • A trip to Seattle with Sgt. Elf

Two birthdays to celebrate in February

Three more birthdays in March



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