10 September 2010

This Week in the Olive Grove

Sunday~We had a nice morning at church; i came home and had a great nap, but then we got the sad news that a family member had died.  This was quite a shock as he was only 37.

Monday~My husband had the day off, but i had to work; so the kids got to spend the day having all kinds of daddy adventures.

Tuesday~We did our morning time, and then the kids worked on their History Quest homework.  I ordered First Form Latin!

Wednesday~We had a good morning time; i felt like we were settling well into our current routine.  I went to work in the afternoon, during which time i received a few phone calls from my 10yo son, who was excitedly working on his first ever report.  He read it to me later that evening when i got home, and i was impressed with his work!

Thursday~I was a grump during morning time (not sure why, probably because i had slept late.)  Anyway, we got through it, and i did ask for my children's forgiveness.  The afternoon was quite hectic, as my husband and four of the kids were packing up and leaving to go 250 miles away to attend the funeral of the family member who died on Sunday.

Friday~Took my 8yo daughter to Dunkin' Donuts for Special TeaTime.  She had a doughnut with orange frosting and fall sprinkles and a white hot chocolate; i had coffee and a pumpkin doughnut, yum!  Then the 10yo, 8yo, and i went to do my volunteer shift at the Christian Home Library.  Then it was on to MickyD's for a healthy cheap lunch, and they went to work with me.  I talked/texted with my hubby and kids after the funeral.  They decided to stay another night with my sister-in-law.  Friends came by and picked up son to spend the night, and daughter and i are having a movie night.

Saturday~I hope to get a lot of work done around the house.  We shall see:~P

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