30 November 2010

Advent began on Sunday.  I did manage to get the candles and "wreath-like-arrangement" set up, and we lit the first one and read Isaiah 11:1-10 and sang the first verse of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."  I updated my Advent Playlist and got it posted here, and it is inspiring me, but...

Monday we had a full day at History Quest, including a play, "Columbus's Mistake," put on by the elementary and middle school groups.

Today was my older son's 13th birthday.

So, our Advent Keeping really begins tomorrow.  Have I decided just exactly how we will be doing that?  No.  I have several internet windows open on my computer as well as a few pdf files, and there are a number of books stacked on my desk.  I will have it figured out by the time my children get up tomorrow morning!

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KAlexaLott said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your list of favorite Christmas songs! You reminded of a few more of my favorites!

I love you Advent playlist, and I would LOVE to hear what plans you have and about the things you are doing with your children during this season!

It's nice to meet you!