03 January 2011

A New Year Daybook

today i am . . .

the twinkle of the christmas tree lights
a solo cello CD given me by my 18year-old daughter, Abi
conversation between 11year-old son and husband

nightgown and terrycloth robe

for healing for my three asthmatic children and husband

2 Corinthians 9:6-11
personal goals for the new year
a rhythm and routine for housework & lessons

thankful for
twenty-two years of marriage to the perfect man for me
international flights that bring missionary daughters home
a husband that gets into the car at 9:30 at night for a 7-hour round trip at a moment's notice when 18year-old daughter's flight from chicago to austin is cancelled and she calls tearfully saying they can put her on a flight to houston, but she can't fly out of there until the next morning, and she just wants to come HOME
asthma meds
 one last week of some "down time"

thinking of
my daddy who died in 2002 and my mama who lives almost 2000 miles away and has advanced alzheimer's and how much i miss them both

a picture thought
gingerbread graham cracker houses on christmas eve
please visit her and read others

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