10 December 2012

Keeping Advent: Daily

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This post is simply an explanation of how I am attempting to keep a peaceful focus on Christ and prepare more room for Him in my heart and home on a daily basis.

In the morning:
I awaken very early, plug in the tree lights, put the kettle on, and settle down to my morning prayers using Praying Advent.

After these readings and reflections, I turn on my Advent playlist, fix my tea, and sit back down by the tree to spend some time peacefully pondering what I have read.

After the sun is up and my husband and children are awake, we gather around the tree, pray the Advent Prayer to Jesus, open our Advent box, take out that day's ornament, read the scripture, and hang the ornament.

At some point of the day:
I have made a list of one thing for each day.  It may be a family outing, a special craft or activity, an act of charity/service, or even a seasonal movie or tv special. 

I try to keep Advent music playing whenever possible.

I am really trying to be watchful and open to ways of loving and serving Him through loving and serving others.

In the evening:
We gather around the Advent wreath, light the candle(s), and read the prayers and scripture passages.  We spread the scripture readings over a few evenings each week.

Before I go to bed:
I sit down with the tree lights again, and pray St. Andrew's Novena.  
This is something completely new to me.  I have never prayed a novena before, but I am really hoping that it will help keep my focus where it needs to be during this season.  I have found the following video helpful:

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Trish @ A House Upon THe Rock said...

What a lovely post. Our Advent season started out hectic with the wildfire, but your post has made me remember why we do this each year.

I am going to be sure to be more purposeful in the coming days.


Molly said...

I'm definitely adding your whole series to be bookmarked - I already can't wait to add in more of this next year!

mamatigerj said...

Dear Trish and Molly,

Thank you both so very much for your kind words!

Advent blessings~

Laura O in AK said...


I love how you are incorporating different things throughout your day to really grow in faith during the Advent season. I hadn't seen that video for the St. Andrew Novena before and appreciate learning about it. And, I absolutely love the idea of an Advent playlist!

Thank you so much for sharing and linking up to the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme. I truly appreciate it!