06 September 2013

The New/Old/New Normal

It has been a very hectic summer...year...five years. 

I have felt as if I was in limbo; I don't handle that feeling well.  Meanwhile, life did go on, and I survived. 

But now. . . life is changing, and I am excited about those changes. 
My husband is once again working in an office after working from home for the past several years, and I am a full-time-stay-at-home-mama again after working part-time (full-time this past summer) for the past several years.  We loved having my husband at home, but there was a definite downside to it as well.  And I hated leaving home to go to work, although I was very grateful for the job(s).

I still need to supplement our income, but God has graciously provided a way for me to do that; I am homeschooling a friend's children two days a week right along with my own and getting paid to do so!

We began last week, and so far all is well :D

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Queen of Carrots said...

That sounds like fun! Hope it continues to work well.