26 December 2014

Christmastide Daybook

On this second day of Christmas i find myself...

Enjoying the calm and quiet after the wonderful exuberance of yesterday's gathering.

Sipping the tea given to me by my older son's sweet girlfriend, a favourite of his and mine, which is no longer carried by any stores in the entire state of Texas; she ordered it online and surprised us both!

Looking at the tree, beautifully decorated on Christmas Eve by my youngest daughter and another daughter's new boyfriend.

Reflecting on the creche now complete with the babe in the manger.

Listening to

Praying for three dear families we know who lost loved ones.  One was murdered earlier in the month, and two died on Christmas Eve, both from cancer. One had only known he had cancer for a week; one had been battling for a while.  Two mothers and one father, leaving behind a total of seven children.  We rejoice that all knew Jesus and are spending a glorious Christmastide in His presence, where there is no sadness or sickness or sorrow, but we grieve their loss, especially to those who were closest to them.  We know their hearts are breaking, and ours hearts ache for them.

Waiting for the birth of our first grandchild.

Thanking God for the Greatest Gift! 

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