30 November 2015

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ 2015 ~ day 30

I have been so abundantly blessed this year!
  • My adorable grandson was born in January.
  • In February I began a new job, caring for sweet baby K, which I am able to do in my home.
  • My sister-in-law and her kids came for a visit in March.
  • I enjoyed Shakespeare in the Park with two of my daughters and my grandson in April.
  • In May, we spent Mother's Day Weekend at a lovely retreat, and we paid off our first credit card.
  • June brought my 52nd birthday.
  • In July, my youngest son and daughter were each able to go to camp, and we attended the wedding of a friend.
  • August brought a rare girls night out, a 25th birthday dinner with our eldest daughter, and my youngest daughter's friend's quinceanera.
  • My older son bought his first car and got his driver's license in September.
  • In October I took a 10 day vacation to Boston with two of my daughters and my grandson, came home for three days, then left with my husband for a 4 day visit to Seattle. I also saw Jackson Browne in concert with my husband.
  • In this month of November we have already gathered as a family for our day of Thanksgiving, and there are still  leftovers to enjoy; the season of Advent has begun; we have paid off another credit card; and today we celebrate the 18th birthday of our older son.
  • And, the good Lord willing, in 23 days my wonderful husband and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage!

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