02 February 2006

Happy Birthday!


    . . . to Sergeant Elf ~ a.k.a. sk8rtink7

Here is one of my favourite stories:
When she was about 6 years old, we were discussing something that she had learned in Pioneer Club that week.  She said, "The sun revolves around the earth."
I said, "Actually, the earth revolves around the sun."
She said, "My teacher said that the sun revolves around the earth!"
I said, "Perhaps you misunderstood her, because the earth revolves around the sun."
We went back and forth this way for a bit, with her statements becoming more emphatic each time and my explanations getting more detailed (translation: boring) each time. 
Finally, in exasperation she declared, "Well, that is what I meant!"
To which I responded, "Well, people don't know what you mean; they only know what you say.  You need to say what you mean."
To which she responded, "Well, in Faith~World that is what it means!!"

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sk8rtink7 said...

Thank you mommy!Love ya!!!!