02 February 2006

Ten Things


Here are ten randon thoughts I wanted to share about my 10-year-old girl:

  1. She arrived 3 days "early" and has been in a hurry ever since.

  2. She was born on Ground Hog's Day ~ a date which I could previously never remember and now will never forget. (It's a good thing she didn't see her shadow~LOL!)

  3. I always wanted a red-haired girl and she's the one. (Technically, she's strawberry blonde, but it was red when she was born.)

  4. I love to watch her skate.

  5. She has a heart for evangelism.

  6. She loves to pray.

  7. She's gonna be a great drummer.

  8. She knows how to encourage me without being too perky.

  9. She's way smarter than I am.

  10. She truly is one of my favourite people.

I love you, Faithsteroni!


sk8rtink7 said...

Thank you mommy I love you to or as luke would say I love you this much!!! Exept it dosen`t work when you can`t see my hands!lol! love ya!!!!!


AdventureAcademy said...

Awh, this is so sweet and a great idea. I love # 2 :-)

My daughter turns 12 on Saturday so I may need borrow your cute idea and share some things about her.



amada said...

I read and skimmed through your latest posts, and I am stunned and totally encouraged about what a beautiful person I think you are because of the fragrance you are to the Lord when you speak the way you have about your kids! Praise God for a mother who is such an example!

I am encouraged and convicted.

Thank you,


Cajamarca, Peru

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