16 May 2008

Some Friday Fun

Six Quirky Things about You
Here are the rules:

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you are reading them now

* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. 

hmm...let's see...

  1. i absolutely cannot sleep with socks on. as a matter of fact ~ my feet must be sticking out of the covers no mater how cold it is.

  2. i am extremely introverted and/but extremely talkative ~ go figure.

  3. i have an irrational fear of slugs. (shudder)

  4. my favourite snack is salted, unbuttered popcorn and milk.

  5. the smell of coconut makes me sick.

  6. a cannot stand drinking through plastic straws or lids.

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tonia said...


i think you should not move to the Pacific Northwest with your fear of slugs....we grow them big and often out here. I'll have to try your snack of butter and milk...intriguing!

thanks so much for playing along. it's really fun to peek into other people's quirkiness. :)

Weirdperson97 said...

I agree with number 1 and 4.