13 September 2008

Congratulations Belinda!

My blogfriend, Belinda  is this week's featured blogger.  If you've not visited her blog before, you really should.  Her motto is "Live life with your kids!" and I love reading about how she does just that.  From her writing, I can tell that she loves the Lord, brings honour to her husband, and is a great mum.  She is so gracious and encouraging as well as sensible and wise.  Some day I would just love to have a cuppa with her down under in Australia.  She has a great getting-to-know-you post here, and she also has a website, Lifestyle Homeschool

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belindaletchford said...

I just popped over to say thanks for visiting Jess' Christmas post and encouraging her, and I find encouraging words for me right here! Thanks!

Wouldn't it be great to sit and have a cuppa with our blogging friends indeed!

Have a great week!