22 September 2008

Fall Reading Challenge

  Read Alouds:

                                Narnia (by C. S. Lewis):

                                finish      Voyage of the Dawn Treader  this week

                                then       The Silver Chair

                                then       The Magician's Nephew

                                then       The Last Battle


                                                The Complete Milne

                                                The Complete Beatrix Potter 

                                                Just So Stories by Kipling


                                                On the Shores of the Great Sea by Synge


                                                Hiawatha's Childhood


                                                A Flower Fairy Alphabet by Cicely Mary Barker

                                                Mary Poppins from A to Z by P. L. Travers 



                                Reimaginning Church by Frank Viola (read & critique per a friend’s request)

                                Sabbath by Wayne Muller (finish)

                                How to Study the Bible by Kay Arthur (re-read as I am teaching it to a Jr. High Sunday class)

                                H. P. 4 & 5

                                Persuasion by Jane Austen

I hope to read more fiction books, but I will wait to see what I find at the library (or on my own shelves) as the weeks progress.








Anonymous said...

Love the Narnia set . . . AWESOME! I Tthanks for sharing your list.

Happy Fall Reading :)!

Trina @ Daddy's Chick's


Anonymous said...

Great list of read-alouds. We love Narnia here! And I really enjoyed the Harry Potter series as well. Thanks for joining Fall Into Reading '08!

- Katrina, Callapidder Days