09 February 2009

Last Week's Accomplishments

Monday ~ Sgt. Elf celebrated turning 13 by going out with me to get her ears pierced, going to the mall with her older sisters, going rock climbing with her daddy, and spaghetti and meatballs for her birthday meal.

Tuesday through Friday ~ back to our lessons.  Finally, after an 11-week break we began our new academic year!  Things went well.  No. The house was not clean.  And no. Books and papers and various and sundry other stuff was not organized.  But I forged ahead with what I did have ready anyway.

Morning Time:
    Bible Time ~ we read our Treasure Keeper verses
        Toodles read from her Bible Reader
        Lulapalooza read from his Bible Reader
        J~Man read from Pilgrim's Progress
        Mama read from Devotions for the Children's Hour
        we sang a couple of hymns recommended to go along with the devotions
    Math ~ all of the kids did 10-minute drills
        J~Man did multiplication
        Lulapalooza did subtraction
        Toodles did addition
    Handwriting ~ all of the kids worked in their Italic Handwriting book.
Read Alouds:
    Literature ~ The Silver Chair
    History ~ On the Shores of the Great Sea
    Arts ~ The Arts of Mankind
    Sciences ~ God's Marvels in Washington
    Picture Books ~ So, You want to Be Presidant
        A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr.

Silent Readings:
        Lulapalooza ~ Nature Reader 3
            American Patriots and Pioneers
            Magic in the Air

        J~Man ~ All About Chemistry
            The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation
            Roads to Greatness

Tutoring: Toodles ~ some phonics and reading ABC Book of God's Creatures

Lots of outside play; the weather was in the 60's and lower 70's with low humidity, so it was perfect for playing outside.  This worked out well with my plan to severely limit the television, which has really gotten out of hand lately.

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