13 November 2009

This Week in the Olive Grove

This Week:

  • We finished memorizing our verses from Psalm 139.

  • We finished reading Now We Are Six.

  • Lulapalooza finished his Bible Reader.

  • Toodles finished her Bible Reader and Flower Fairies of the Autumn.

  Next Week:

  • We have 2 stories left in Just So Stories.

  • We have 1 chapter to go in The Story of Dr. Dolittle.

  • We have 8 more readings in The Struggle for Sea Power.

  • J~Man has one more chapter to read in Men of Science; Men of God

  • Lulapalooza will finish reading A Picnic on the Island for literature and Snakes and Stars for nature.

  • They will each have one more spelling list.

Then we are finished with formal academics for the year.

The Extras:

  • J~Man and his partner completed their robot for the upcoming LEGO-Robotics competition.

  • Sgt. Elf bought a bunny.

  • Toodles helped me prepare 20 boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

  • Lulapalooza finalized plans for his birthday next week.

1 comment:

KerryLeighinNC said...

my kids have their own special stockings, but I love the idea of buying felt ones each year to decorate! I wonder if I could incorporate that some how by making these ones we decorate and fill and give to a charity of some sort.

Anyway - great idea! And I love the look of your blog. Very soothing colors scheme! Thanks for your comment on mine (theten0clockscholar.blogspot.com)