20 November 2009

This Week in the Olive Grove

Well, our formal academic studies are over for the year.

  • We finished reading aloud The Struggle for Sea Power, Dr. Dolittle, and Just So Stories.

  • The boys finished their assigned silent readings for literature, history, science, and nature.

  • We got our last spelling words for the year into our notebooks.

After I finished reading the last history chapter I asked each of the younger three to share some things that they remembered learning this year.  I gave them each three spelling words bee-style, and three mental math problems.  Then I said, "Congratulations, you have just been promoted!"  This was followed by many high-fives until I made them stop, because they were hurting my hand!

J~Man has his first LEGO-Robotics competition tomorrow.

Now it is on to the boys' birthdays, Thanksgiving, Advent, our wedding anniversary, and Christmas.

Of course, the learning doesn't stop: there will be plenty of reading ~ aloud and silent, poetry, music, art and handicrafts that go with the season.

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