04 December 2010

Advent Week 1

Can I say, "We are easing our way into Advent this year." and get away with that?  With classes all day Monday, a birthday on Tuesday, and me working extra hours Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to make up for time off last week, and the printer running out of ink ~ this past week was pretty much a bust when it came to Advent-keeping

I did decide what to use for my personal Advent devotions, which I am enjoying.
I did find some chocolates that my dairy & egg allergic 11yos can have, which I will use as our daily treats each morning when we open our Advent box.

I did choose a book for the kids and I to read during our Advent Morning Times.
  •  Christmas in the Stable ~ Poems selected & illustrated by Beverly K. Duncan
I did make a list of area activities and dates as well as family traditions and acts of service, and I am working on putting them in little cards to go with the Advent box along with a scripture reading.

 I did get the Saint Nicholas stockings, which we will decorate tomorrow after church.

We did make our Journey To Bethlehem last night, and then we came home, got into our pj's, drank hot cocoa, and listened to C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle.

Tonight we are watching a Little House on the Prairie Christmas dvd.

How was your first week of Advent?

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