27 June 2011

Birthday Daybook

outside my window...it is dark & still; another 100 degree day predicted

i am hearing...the hums of the computer & water cooler

i am wearing...navy blue shorts & a green tank top, a ponytail

i am grateful...that God know my needs even before i do & always provides; thank You, Jehovah~Jireh

i am planning...two weeks with #4 daughter's friend from the Seattle area visiting, so my daughter is making most of the plans

i am pondering...life, home, legacy

i am praying...for the family, especially the parents, of my dear friend who died two weeks ago; they had two daughters who are both gone now; oh, how their hearts must ache

i am reading...Psalm 119, slowly, one section (8 verses) a day

i am creating...a tidier, more organized home

from my kitchen...my traditional birthday dessert: strawberry shortcake

from my teacher's desk...a light week as we try to ease along after #2 daughter's wedding last week: math, copywork, and reading each day for the younger 3; i hope to get back into Morning Time & Latin after our friend leaves

a picture thought to share:
7 + 1!

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