18 June 2011

She was the one who was so good with words...

Thursday night my 19 year old daughter came home from Albania to get married.

Her two best friends were spending the evening with me, waiting for her fiance' to pick her up from the airport & bring her home around 1 o'clock in the morning.  It made me feel so good that these two young ladies like keeping company with me even when my daughter isn't around.  I was also thinking about how precious these friendships are to my daughter.  While they were here, I received a phone call from a niece of my dear friend, telling me that my friend had died suddenly on Tuesday.  I was stunned and sad.  I am still stunned and sad.

She was five years older than me; she took a shine to me when I was at that most awkward, most annoying age of 13.  We had a mutual love of music, but she had far more talent and skill.  She could pick up any instrument and play it.  She gave me voice lessons.  We sang and played together at church.  I think we dissected every Heart and Fleetwood Mac song and wrote out every single vocal and instrumental part.  She encouraged me to play the drums and even bought a set.  We formed a band.  She taught me to sew and cross-stitch and think for myself. 

Oh, there was so much more.  She programmed computers.  She wrote fan fiction.  She twirled the baton and danced.  She did an impression of a dying pickle.  She was brilliant.  And she was the best friend i ever had.

In the last few years, she had not been able to do many of the things that brought her joy.  I hope she is doing all of them now ~ with gusto.

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Queen of Carrots said...

Thank you, this is lovely. I enjoy hearing about things she did before "my time" so to speak. I would have liked to see the impression of the dying pickle!