04 December 2011

Keeping Advent ~ Week Two

Want to read about how other families are keeping Advent?
Visit the Nativity Carnival over at A Ten O'Clock Scholar. 

Sunday, 4 December:
2nd Sunday in Advent; light the candle of Peace
decorate our Saint Nicholas stockings
visit Main Street Bethlehem
special dessert: gingerbread

Monday, 5 December: 
hang our stockings 

Tuesday, 6 December:
celebrate Saint Nicholas Day
Gracious and good Lord, we bless you on this feast of St. Nicholas, your servant, who is an example to us of a life of charity and love. May we see in his life an invitation to imitate his good deeds. Make us always mindful of the needs of others and help us rejoice in the abundance of your goodness around us. Through Jesus our Lord.  ~Amen
have a special breakfast and open our stockings

Wednesday, 7 December:
choose gifts for Emmanuel & Benjamin (the boys we sponsor through a friend's ministry)

Thursday, 8 December:
read one of our Christmas books

Friday, 9 December:
bake cookies for the neighbours

Saturday, 10 December:
take a donation box to the food bank

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