01 December 2011

December First

The end of November birthdays have been celebrated, and it is time to put away the autumn decor and fully embrace this season of Advent.

This arrived last night:
~an early anniversary gift from my wonderful husband.

So, here are my plans for today and through the weekend:

Thursday, 1 December:
set up the Advent calendar and box containing ornaments:
begin daily readings

Friday, 2 December:
make Christmas cards to send to troops:

Saturday, 3 December:
put up the lights 
watch It's A Wonderful Life (NBC)

Sunday, 4 December:
2nd Sunday in Advent; light the candle of Peace
decorate Saint Nicholas stockings
special dessert: gingerbread 

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Adrienne said...

Hi. We'll be putting up our tree on Saturday too ~ it should be interesting...just me and my husband...new ornaments, new traditions. My plan is to make a nice dinner and have a "date night in" ... it'll be strange to decorate without the kids, though! My email is: adrienne.scanlon@gmail.com
When you get a second, could you email me? I'd love to know what your daily advent readings are...and there are a couple of other things you've shared that have gotten me thinking ~ but I'd love to share more privately. thanks!

Kerry said...

Can I come over? :) Looks like fun!

Trish @ A House Upon The Rock said...

I'm not even that ready! A list of to dos is a great idea!

We aren't doing a traditional tree this year, but still have much to do to start celebrating.

It's great to have you joining us as we Seek Him this season, looking forward to reading more!