31 August 2012

Autumn Supper Ideas

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am so very ready for fall.  It has been quite a hectic summer, and I have been feeling overwhelmed.  But thoughts of autumn always energize me, and I am hoping to harness that energy and get my house and my life into a pleasant rhythm in the coming weeks. 

Today the kids helped me brainstorm a list of supper ideas:
  1. chicken & rice I make several variations of this
  2. baked spaghetti or other pasta
  3. stroganoff
  4. chili & cornbread
  5. sloppy joes
  6. fish & chips
  7. frito pie
  8. shepherd's pie
  9. roasted sausage, potatoes & peppers
  10. soup & sandwiches another idea with different options
  11. meatloaf
  12. homemade pizza
  13. stir-fry
  14. grill out if we get rain, and the burn ban is lifted!

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