28 August 2012

Tasha Tudor Day

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Here is how we celebrated Tasha Tudor's 97th birthday:
  • apple turnovers for breakfast
  • teatime
  • choosing a new knitting project
  • breaking out the first Christmas book and my only Tasha Tudor book Forever Christmas to begin planning for Advent and Christmas
I would like to have done more, but it was a very busy day amidst a very busy week at the end of a very busy summer.

“There is no peace that cannot be found in the present moment.”
 ~Tasha Tudor


Storybook Woods said...

Happy (belated) Tasha Tudor day. Yumm apple turnovers and tea for breakfast. I am sure Tasha wishes she had been there. Thank you for joining in!! Clarice

Suzanne said...

Oh my you have given me a craving for an apple turnover. It is cool and crisp this evening and that would be so perfect with a cup to tea:-) Thank you for stopping by for Tasha's birthday!