04 January 2013


The words are not new, but
in this new year may i
be guided by them each day.
faith, hope, love abide, these three;
~ the greatest of these is love.

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Adrienne said...

May we all.

Kina Diaz DeLeon said...


Luke Veldt said...

Your goal to memorize Ps. 119 is a great one. Our family, church, and some friends have been doing that together for some time now, eight verses per month. It's had a big impact on us. The biggest blessing, and surprise, has been seeing my ten-year-old daughter Andrea become the best memorizer of the group. Andrea has Down syndrome, yet she's memorized the first 136 verses of the psalm, and should know it all by her 11th birthday in April.

You may find our website (memorizepsalm119.com) helpful as you memorize. And I think you'll find Andrea's page inspiring.

Many blessings.