07 January 2013


There is just something about the beginning of a new calendar year; isn't there?  It seems natural to take a fresh look at things; rework schedules and routines; make changes.  I don't want to look all the way to the end of this year, but I have come up with a list of 13 things that I would like to accomplish during the first 13 weeks of 2013 (ending the day before Easter, so I am already 1 week in.):
  1. pray through the Psalms
  2. memorize Psalm 119:1-48 ~ I have been wanting to memorize Psalm 119 for several years; this year I am committing to it ~ 4 verses a week!
  3. lose 20 pounds
  4. choose, begin, and complete 1 sewing project ~ I was given a sewing machine for Christmas!
  5. finish the cross stitch that my daughter gave me for Christmas
  6. get rid of 13 boxes/bags of clutter
  7. have 6 dates with my husband
  8. have 1 day of solitude
  9. write 13 notes/letters
  10. read 3 books
  11. do 3 craft projects with my 10yo daughter
  12. put 5% of each paycheck into savings
  13. learn about the Daily Examen and begin to practice it

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