08 February 2013

What I Will Be Reading During Lent

I am so excited!  The Cloistered Heart arrived today!

I discovered The Cloistered Heart Blog when the author, Nancy Shuman, left a very kind comment on my blog last summer, and her writing there has truly been a blessing to me.  Almost immediately, I placed her book on my wishlist and was finally able to order it this week, just in time for Lent.

Is anybody else reading anything special during Lent?


Nancy Shuman said...

Thank you for such a kind mention! And yes, I am reading something VERY special during Lent... I've felt led toward Scripture. This time (for only the second time during Lent, that I can remember) I'm actually reading along with the Mass readings of the day. These will, of course, lead us to the Passion of Our Lord. I've looked forward to this Lent more than any in years. May it be a blessed one for you!

Nancy Shuman said...

I'm just popping back in to let you know I've nominated you, from my blog the Breadbox Letters, for a "Liebster" blog award. You can check that out at http://thebreadboxletters.blogspot.com/2013/02/id-like-to-thank-academy.html. I love your COZY blog!