19 November 2013

30 Days of Giving Thanks ~ Day 19

Thank You, God, for my Mama! 

She and i had a rocky road for a while ~ Daddy always said we were too much alike ~ but as adults, wives, and mothers, we were close friends. A friend's father once said of her that she was the smartest woman he ever met. She was her high school valedictorian, went to SMU on a scholarship, and later earned her master's degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She was a teacher through and through from a family deep and wide with teachers and professors. She just loved children, especially rambunctious preschoolers. She was my biggest homeschool supporter. She survived hard times and tragic losses throughout her life:  Her father left when she was seven, and her mother died when she was 17.  She lost two precious children and almost died herself in a terrible automobile accident two years before i was born.  She buried her "knight in shining armor" 11 years ago.  She has alzheimer's .  But she accepted it all with faith and grace, and it made her stronger. I didn't always understand her strength, but i respect and admire it now. I love you, Mama; Happy Birthday!

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