01 August 2011

curriculum for autumn 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I found out about this at Laura O's blog, Day by Day in Our World.

My three oldest daughters (21, 19 and married, 17) have all graduated!
I have four children that I am still homeschooling.

We are a part of a one-day-a-week homeschool extension program called History Quest.  This year we will all be studying American history 1840 - present day (including geography & economics), technology & robotics for science, and cultural arts (literature, drama, art, music) related to the time period.  The older three will be using Institute for Excellence in Writing material through this program as well.

We do Morning Time together the other four mornings a week, covering scripture memory, catechism, poetry, English grammar through diagramming, First Form Latin & Lingua Angelica, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I read aloud during lunch, and they each read for at least an hour every afternoon.

Nature study, physical fitness & health, home economics, arts participation, etc. are done in an unschooly-real-life way.

Here is a list of what they are using individually:
F.L.~15yo daughter~senior:
  • Henle Latin on her own + First Form with the rest of us
  • Finishing Jacobs' Algebra, then on to Geometry
  • Material Logic from Memoria Press
  • The Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk
J.B.~13yo son~freshman:
  • Saxon Algebra 1
  • Italic Handwriting & copywork
  • Traditional Logic from Memoria Press
L.H.~11yo son~jr. high:
  • Finishing Saxon 6/5, then on to 7/6
  • Italic Handwriting & copywork
  • W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling by Wanda Sanseri
  • Collier's Junior Classics
V.N.~9yo daughter~upper elementary:
  • Saxon 5/4
  • Italic Handwriting & copywork
  • W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling by Wanda Sanseri
  • Rod & Staff Bible Nurture Reader
  • Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader
  • Collier's Junior Classics

I think that about covers it.

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