26 August 2011



If I am older, which I am, then why am I not better?

Why do I still struggle with the same lack of discipline and immaturity?
Will I ever feel like a responsible grown-up?
I have two adult children; I am a mother-in-law.  I may be a grandmother in the next couple of years.
I still can't don't keep my house clean.  I still don't eat right.  I still waste too much time, and avoid the things I don't want to do, and say and do thoughtless things. ~sigh~

Am I wiser?
Yes.  I recognize my failings more quickly now, and I don't make as many excuses as I used to, and I recover faster from them, and, I hope, I trust in Him more.

Maybe I'll get there...in another 48 years...



Wendy said...

Oh, I so relate!!
I'm still wondering when exactly I'm going to be a grown-up :)

Sarah said...

You said exactly what I've thought for a long time! Great post!!

stringsattachedministries said...

Oh Girl, do I get this post! But then, Paul struggled with the same thing-"For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate."-Romans 7:15- so I guess we're in good company.:)

Adrienne said...

I thought of Paul too ~ as he aged and grew spiritually he grew more aware of his own weaknesses and sins. The only question from there is...can we also become more secure in God's grace as Paul did!!? ....my house is only clean when I'm expecting company!!

Melody: Proverbs 22:6 Blog said...

Everything you said made so much sense. And with each year, I notice my shortcomings more. Now with the medical problems I have, I realize that I am running out of time too. Great job on your post, as usual!