30 November 2011

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Day 30
  • a son ~ born on this day fourteen years ago, after four daughters
  • his hugs ~ when he was little he used to sit on my lap and reach his arms backward, up and around my neck and squeeeeeeeeeeeeze; now he has to reach down to hug me, but he still does
  • his eyes ~ big and blue, like his uncle from whom he got his middle name and his grandmother whom he never knew on his dad's side, and his grandfather and uncle on my side ~ and his blonde curls, which i couldn't bear to cut off for about the first five years, until he got tired of people thinking he was a girl and insisted!
  • his wit ~ sometimes he says things that just take me by surprise
  • his talents ~ writing, playing the guitar, figuring out how things work, problem-solving; he is quite brilliant
Happy Birthday, Joshua; i am so very glad you were born!

Oh, he is also a huge Johnny Cash fan, so this is in honour of him:

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Adrienne said...

Wonderful ~ isn't it just the greatest of all blessings to have been leant these little ones to watch over for a while. Mine never cease to astound me! I've loved your posts this month ~ they've kept me in a thanksgiving state of mind...and gotten me thinking about so many things...enjoy your birthday festivities!