06 July 2008

New Year Resolutions

My dearest friend always does her resolutions around her birthday.  I think that is a territic idea, and since I celebrated the beginning of my new year nine days ago, here are some of the improvements I would like to make in my life at this time:

  1. get back to walking every morning

  2. make menu plans and grocery shop only once a week following the menu plans

  3. have a set time for teatimes and make sure I am giving that child my undivided attention

  4. have daily read alouds

  5. incorporate the art and music materials I have into our studies

  6. keep the television turned off during the day

  7. make more productive use of my computer time and blog regularly

  8. be more attentive to my husband when he gets home from work each day

  9. call my mom every week

Happy New Year!

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