20 July 2008

Sunday Night Random Ramblin' Thoughts

Last week we went to the DMV to get photo IDs for the three children going on our church's Labor Day Weekend mission trip to Saltillo, Mexico.

My husband's passport arrived in the mail.

This week the kids will be doing a few things to earn some money for that trip.  Tomorrow O Special One and Sergeant Elf will be going over to help a lady from church with some cleaning/organizing and take turns watching her baby, and next weekend my husband and J~Man will be painting the same family's fence as well as their neighbor's.

Frap and Sergeant Elf went last year, Frap and her dad went the year before, and Tibby and dad went on another Mexico mission a couple of years before that.  This means that Lulapalooza, Toodles, and I will be the only ones who haven't been south of the border yet.

In homeschool news ~ the kids have two weeks of studies left followed by a one week break.  After that we will only have 13 weeks left for this year which we will probably break up with another two week break.  This year has gone well, and it just seems to be flying.

I went to the library on Saturday with Frap and O Special One.  I checked out three cookbooks:  Totally Dairy-Free Cooking by Louis Lanza and Laura Morton ~ which is okay, The Big Book of Easy Suppers by Maryana Vollstedt ~ which I am thoroughly enjoying and from which I am copying recipes copiously, and The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters ~ which is going on my wishlist!  I also got Behind the Mask : A Book about Prepositions by Ruth Heller ~ which we will be using in our studies over the next couple of weeks.

Also on Saturday I spent most of the evening helping get set up for the Grand Opening of The Christian Home Library.  I will probably be there most of Monday and Tuesday also.  We are so excited about our new location!  If you are in the Austin area come by and check it out Tuesday afternoon, and if you live elsewhere in the U.S. please bookmark our web site, because our plan is to be able to ship nation-wide once we get our inventory catalogued and our database up and running.  (This is still a way off, but it will be worth the wait!)

I am still not caught up in the kitchen (or the laundry, or anywhere else for that matter), but my terrific husband helped out quite a bit over the weekend, so I may actually get it done this week if I can manage to stay home a bit.  I did get menu plans and a shopping list done, so, "Yay me!"

I have taken over Tibby's part-time nanny job since she got a real job at Olive Garden.  They didn't need me any last week (which had a negative impact on my food budget); they need me on Friday and Saturday this week and possibly before that, but I won't know until she calls me tomorrow.

The puppies are finally finished with their vet appointments for shots, etc.  Having a dog is certainly a lot more involved (read: expensive!) than it was when I was a kid.  I cannot believe that in four months we have shelled out over $800, and that doesn't include the food.  We love them though, and they are wonderful, sweet mutts.  They have grown so much.  The SPCA where we got them classified them as beagles ~ HA! ~ Sebastian is 40 pounds already, and Aylin weighs just four pounds less at 6 months old.  They defenitely have something bigger than beagle in their bloodline.

The weather here is miserably hot (90 degrees as I am typing this at 10 p.m.)  this is the 29th day of 100 degree temps in the last two months.  I will never get used to this ~ ugh!

So, in addition to housework (finish cleaning my kitchen), and teaching, my plans for this week are:

  • Monday ~ take girls to help; work in Library

  • Tuesday ~ take boys to gymnastics; work in Library ~ Grand Opening!

  • Wednesday ~ grocery shop if I haven't already; maybe work nanny job; Sgt. Elf's drum lesson

  • Thursday ~ Sgt. Elf's dance lesson

  • Friday ~ Toodles' dance lesson; work nanny job

  • Saturday ~ work nanny job

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