27 March 2009

Five Senses Friday

  • sight

    • pink: sugar cookies, lemonade and potted mums on Toodles' birthday tea table

    • a clean house: a surprise from Tibby, her beau ~ Mr.Matt, and the four youngest!

    • a beautiful young mourning dove in a shrub in our front garden; it's wings were almost golden coloured

  • smell

    • cinnamon bread: it was supposed to be pancake batter but it turned itself into a ball of dough, so i kneaded it, patted it out, and baked it on my pizza stone

    • rain

  • sound

    • the song of a young mourning dove in our front garden

    • Bach

    • hail

  • taste

  • touch

    • my husband: holding my hand at the movies on our date

    • cooler temperatures

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