21 March 2009

Nature Notes

After last week's rain (thank You!) and this week's sun spring has most certainly sprung here in Central Texas.

In the yard:

  • The red-tipped photinia are ablaze

  • The lantana, crape myrtles, lavender, and plum tree are covered with bright green new growth

  • The shrub roses are full and green, too, and even display a few pale pink flowers

  • The peach tree has buds

  • We have some tiny white wildflowers which I think may be redroot


In the windowsill:


At the feeders:

  • Mostly finches and sparrows


Along the roadside:

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40winkzzz said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blogpost. It was obviously different from the usual stuff I post and it was going out on a limb a bit, but... I felt like it was a good thing to put out there. I wrote it a couple weeks ago for therapeutic purposes and hoped I would eventually have the courage to post it. I appreciate you saying that you "needed to read it" --that's exactly why I posted it. (Well, not especially for *you*, but, you know. :-)

As for this post of yours, I like it-- but you have some html code showing that you might need to fix.