27 November 2011

Keeping Advent ~ week 1

Please visit the Nativity Carnival over at A Ten O'Clock Scholar.

Our wreath is all ready to go this evening.  

We have green and purple candles, because I am using leftovers from my daughter's June wedding.  The wreath was given to me by my oldest daughter; it will go on the door Christmas morning when the tree has replaced it on the table.  I stole borrowed Kerry's idea and placed some gold, purple, and clear "gems" I had on the cake plate around the candles.  I also have four little brass angels that I bought at the thrift store several years ago that stand between the candles.  The only thing I had to purchase was the Christ candle for the center; my 15yo daughter and I decided to use a gold one this year.

The rest of our Advent-keeping will not begin until December 1st, because my son's birthday is November 30th.  

Last year I found these beautiful Jesse Tree ornaments, but not in time to use:
We will be using them this year.  

Each day we will open our little Advent box, take out the ornament and read the scripture passage.  Inside the box there will also be a little treat and, on certain days, a card with a special activity for that day written on it.


Queen of Carrots said...

We have white and tan candles because that's all that was unscented at Walmart. Some year I'm going to remember to look for the right stuff a little farther in advance!

Kerry said...

I love your wreath!

Thanks for joining the nativity carnival again!

Michelle @ Liturgical Time said...

Your wreath is beautiful! We are thinking of a gold Christ candle this year also. We have never used one before.