15 November 2011

Nativity Carnival: Keeping Advent ~ Advent Playlist

Kerry is hosting a Nativity Carnival over at her blog, A Ten O'Clock Scholar.

Kerry has some great thoughts and observations in her post, so please go read it.

My contribution this week is my Advent playlist.  I hope it will be a blessing to somebody.

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Kerry said...

I'm so glad you joined the Carnival! Thanks for your submission. I am bookmarking this playlist.

lailani said...

Thank you for the playlist! Kerry found my post today and led me to her Mr. Linky. I was not raised observing Advent or really knowing what that term meant or included. So this year I am digging deeper and truly enjoying what I am finding.

Michelle @ Liturgical Time said...

I love that your playlist is full of Advent (not yet Christmas) songs. I l love that somebody "gets it"! God bless your family this Advent season.