18 July 2011

I do enjoy naps

I have had a nice four-day weekend from my part-time job.  
  • Friday morning I finally took the kids to the pool.  Afterwards we had a treat of biscuits and jam.  Then I took a nap.  
  • On Saturday my husband & I went to a friend's daughter's wedding and had such a fun time together.  
  • Yesterday I went to church for the first time in three weeks then came home and had a lovely nap.  
  • This morning I took the kids to the pool again, and while we ate lunch I started reading Carry On, Mr Bowditch aloud.  I don't think we have done read alouds for about a year; I have really missed it!  Then, this afternoon I took another delightful nap.  
  • Tomorrow I have to work at 2, but I am hoping to get quite a bit accomplished in the morning and still have time for a short nap after lunch.


Adrienne said...

hmmmm...i'm not a good nap taker. I'm either too exhausted and crash for too long, or can't let myself fall asleep. i want to enjoy naps ~ perhaps i need more practice!

noreen said...

Naps are heavenly. I feel so refreshed after even a little cat nap!