12 July 2011

Paying it forward

This is a great idea from A Life-Size Catholic Blog

Holly says, “Pay It Forward” is an opportunity to connect with each other, find new friends, experience new things, learn, grow, and bond with each other.  Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Tonia is one of the first bloggers I ever "met."  She left a comment on my second-ever blog post back on 26 July, 2005 on Homeschoolblogger.  I loved reading her blog.  I love reading her blog.  One of my favourite things about Tonia is that she is real; she is genuine.  She is also encouraging, merciful, and kind.  And she is a terrific writer.  Her blog has been through some changes, and she even stopped for a while, which I completely respected.  But I am so very glad she came back.  

Well, that's enough from me.  If you don't already know Tonia, please visit her at study in brownI promise you will be uplifted.


Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

I can surely see why you like your highlighted blog. Such great content and a really easy feeling. Thanks for linking up with "Pay It Forward". I'm also following your wonderful blog.

Many blessings!

tonia said...

(((you))) What a sweet gal you are. Thank you so much. How is it possible that so many years have gone by? Homeschoolblogger? That's where I first met Ann V. too. *grin* What a very long time ago.

You are a gracious woman and I am always blessed with your steady, quiet wisdom. Thank you.

noreen said...

I'm coming over from Pay it Forward and will head on over to visit your friend Tonia. She seems like she was just the special person to get you started on your blogging. When we start out we all need to someone to encourage us and support us by commenting. I did what you did, I paid it forward to one of my first blogging friends whose friendship I treasure dearly! Mine is called rosarymom.