06 July 2011

Wednesday ramble

I am very tired.  It seems like it's been a long week, and it is only half over!  I think that I have just been so busy these last 3 or 4 weeks; there have been emotional highs and lows as well, and I am just drained. 

I have been working in my kitchen the past couple of mornings, and it is starting to look pretty good.  I used my birthday as an excuse to buy myself a couple of small houseplants.  I enjoy looking at them in the morning while they sun themselves in my east facing kitchen windows along with the ivy from my daughter's bridal bouquet that I am trying to root.  We also have quite a few candles from the wedding, which I have placed around the house and light regularly.

My daughter and son-in-law are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean tonight on their way to Albania.  They will be there for the next seven months.  My daughter went there exactly one year ago tomorrow to serve as a missionary.  She is homeschooling two missionary kids.  Her new husband, who is a carpenter by trade, will now be helping out with a lot of the physical things that need to be done for the ministry there.  Someday soon I will tell the story of their whirlwind courtship!   

We have a teen friend from the Seattle area visiting us.  She arrived a week ago Monday and will be here until next Monday.  She is technically my 15yo daughter's guest, but we all love having her here.  I call her one of my eighth kids! 

My 13yo son is spending his second summer working as a counselor at LEGO camps.  He really enjoys it, and his boss lady tells me he does a great job, and the kids love him!

I suppose that is enough rambling.  Good night!

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Adrienne said...

Wow ~ does sound like you have so much going on! Will keep you daughter and son in law in my prayers. My husband and I spent 12 years over seas doing missionary work when we were younger ~ so that holds a special place in my heart!