21 July 2011

thankful thursday

counting my blessings
~1,000 by my 50th birthday in 102 weeks~

  • 11.  Emmanuel & Benjamin, two little orphan boys in Kenya that we sponsor through our friend's ministry.
  • 12.  good health
  • 13.  parents who loved God, each other, and me ~ in that order
  • 14.  friends who get me and accept me ~ especially M. & S.
  • 15.  my new son's family ~ who are now a part of my family
  • 16.  that God already knows everything
  • 17.  trucks that bring Washington cherries to uber-hot Texas and grocery stores that put them on sale ~ a little taste of home at an affordable price
  • 18.  read alouds with my kids
  • 19.  my crockpot & microwave
  • 20.  the neighbourhood swimming pool


noreen said...

You have many blessings in your life Juanita! Any grandchildren?

mamatigerj said...


I am indeed very blessed! Why do I need to constantly remind my self of that? I find it so easy to complain, ugh! God is working on me regarding that.

I do not have any grandchildren yet. The first of our children to get married was last month.

Thank you for your sweet comments.